WHAS11 Text Alerts

Sign up for Text Alerts

Get text alerts on your cell phone from WHAS11! Choose the alerts that you want to receive, from Breaking News, First Alert StormTeam daily forecast, sports news from U of L or UK and Special Offers. Get the latest brought to you, wherever you are!

All alert programs are reoccurring. Msg & data rates may apply.

Or text WHAS11's quick codes to 78828.

Check out the list below for WHAS11's alerts. Once you've made your selection, send it in a text message to 78828.

  • Breaking News alerts:
    Keyword NEWS for breaking news updates
  • Weather Forecasts:
    Keyword WEATHER for a daily weather forecast
  • U of L Sports:
    Keyword ULSPORTS for news and scores from U of L sports
  • UK Sports:
    Keyword UKSPORTS for news and scores from UK sports
  • Deals from our advertisers:
    Keyword DEALS for great discounts and limited time offers.
  • Buddy Check11:
    Keyword BUDDY CHECK11 for your Buddy Check11 reminders

Select your alerts and text the keywords to 78828!

Example: For breaking news alerts, text NEWS to 78828.

To STOP text alerts: Reply or Send a text that says STOP to 78828. Within moments, you will receive a text listing the alerts you are subscribed to.

Reply STOP again to stop ALL text alerts
reply STOP KEYWORD to unsubscribe to a particular list.

Example: To stop breaking news alerts, text STOP NEWS to 78828.

Example: To stop weather forecasts, text STOP WEATHER to 78828.

Example: To stop news and scores from U of L sports, text STOP ULSPORTS to 78828.

Example: To stop news and scores from UK sports, text STOP UKSPORTS to 78828.

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